Friday, February 27, 2009

Auluta oil palm launching today

A HIGH level government delegation is now in Auki ahead of today’s ground breaking ceremony of the proposed Auluta Palm Oil Project in east Malaita.

They’ll join village and chiefs of Auluta this morning in the ceremony, to be held at Fera’abu village.National Coordinator of the Project, George Boe, said today’s ceremony will be historic for people in the area and Malaita Province.Deputy Prime Minister Fred Fono, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Selwyn Riumana with other government ministers will travel to Auki this morning on a chartered flight in time for the ceremony.Thousands of people from Auluta and surrounding areas are expected to witness the ceremony.Today's programme will feature speeches from Malaita Premier Richard Irosaea, landowning reps, Agriculture and Livestock Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister.This will be followed by the signing and presentation of perpetual estate of the land by Commissioner of Lands and Auluta Basin tribal groups and then planting of palm oil trees.Each of the two main tribes will be presented with $150,000 each as a token of appreciation from the Government.

Source: Solomon Star

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