Monday, October 27, 2008

Lilo Urges Waipora to Avoid Unfounded Accusations .

Minister of Environment Gordon Darcy Lilo is calling on Deputy Opposition Leader Japhet Waipora to avoid making irresponsible calls to the Prime Minister to remove ministers.

Mr Lilo was reacting to a wave of self-styled allegations by Mr Waipora in a front-page newspaper article calling on Prime Minister Sikua to remove him (Lilo) as Cabinet Minister.Mr Lilo confidently said allegations claiming his involvement in the RIPEL saga, the Tsunami and Computer funds were used as failed political tactics to discredit him.On the Tsunami funds, Mr Lilo said Waipora should consult the latest Government Audit Reports to see with his eyes that Gizo-Kolombangara is the last electorate to receive rehabilitation funds late this year.He said the funds will be channeled to the proper village-based committees in the constituency to implement their rehabilitation programs."I challenge Mr Waipora to get his facts right on this issue before making blind accusations," he said.On the Computer funds, Mr Lilo said he has never ever influenced any decision by the Central Tender Board as an Independent body to select a supplier of school computers."Again, Mr Waipora should simply consult the audit reports to substantiate his childish allegations," Lilo said.On the RIPEL issue, Mr Lilo said the truth will soon show that there are hopeless people who are working so hard to implicate him in dirty deals inside the RIPEL bribery attempts.Mr Lilo said Waipora should wakeup and does some research before barking like a toothless creature that can't bite.He said Waipora is a mature politician who must strive to show sensible political leadership rather than playing with unfounded claims.


Waipora wants Lilo stand down

THE Opposition yesterday renewed its call for Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua to sideline his Minister for Environment and Conservation Gordon Darcy Lilo.

This was in view of serious corruption allegations against the MP for Gizo/Kolombangara.Deputy Opposition leader Japhet Waipora said Mr Lilo was implicated in various corruption allegations. These, he said, include:
Mishandling of tsunami funds,
The $5million Republic of China-funded Secondary Schools computer project, and
The alleged $3 million RIPEL bribery allegations.Mr Waipora said these allegations tarnished the image and credibility of the government.“The prime minister needs to take disciplinary action,” he said.“Dr Sikua must stand down Mr Lilo and subject him to a thorough investigation. Otherwise the people of Solomon Islands will continue to be victimised by the actions of such a self-centred individual.”Mr Waipora said it was heartening to hear the prime minister upon taking office announcing his government will address corruption head-on.“Sadly, to date amidst all the corruption allegations against Mr Lilo, no action has been taken.” He said some of the allegations were supported with evidence. Mr Waipora said the prime minister failed to provide any explanations why the government cannot sideline Mr Lilo while investigations are carried out.He added it is a miserable failure on the part of civil society groups who continue to remain silent over such blatant allegations.“It has become a case of double standard for organisations such as Transparency International. They had so much to say against the previous government.“But now they’ve lost their tongue over the same MP who, as the former Finance Minister in the previous government, was also implicated in similar scandals. “Where there is smoke there is fire, and the silence by the so-called advocates of good governance only helps breed more corruption.“The losers are the people of Solomon Islands who are struggling daily to cope with the ever increasing cost of living,” Mr Waipora said.The deputy Opposition leader said Mr Lilo should step aside while investigations into these allegations are carried out.“This is to avoid political interference, which has always been a stumbling block to stamping out corruption within our system,” Mr Waipora said.